Best Ski Boot Bags

If you are a skier and don’t use a boot bag yet, it is time you start.

One often thinks of ski boots as indestructible foot fortresses made of military-grade plastic and stainless steel. Oh, just me? Whatever the case, it is easy to assume that ski boots are impossible to damage, and there is no point in actually trying to protect them. This is not the case! Ski boots, like any equipment that see manual use outside, are subject to wear and tear that do indeed eventually compromise their ability to function well! However, protecting ski boots from manual and elemental is quite simple with the use of one item- a boot bag. 

Boot bags are also super convenient, allowing you to stow all of your ski gear in one place.  Your boots, helmet, gloves, and snacks can all be neatly packed away and carried on your back.

Boot bags are an excellent way to safely and efficiently transport your ski boots anywhere and everywhere. Though you most likely have some sort of boot bag (as they are quite popular within the skiing community), it is always good to make sure yours is high-quality and fitting for all of your skiing needs. 

What To Look For in Ski Boot Bags


Though it is pretty intuitive that ski boot bags should be spacious enough to hold any size pair of boots, it is also always a good idea to make sure that the bag has extra space and/or pockets that can hold extra ski equipment. The last thing you want is to have to carry a boot bag over one shoulder and loose items in your hands because the bag doesn’t have room for everything.

The reality of the situation is that you are very rarely going to be in a situation where you go skiing without a helmet, buff, gloves, or goggles, and nobody ever wants to have to lug that stuff around everywhere. Such is where that extra boot bag space comes in handy. Being able to pack everything in saves lots of time and does very well to contribute to general peace of mind on trips, as you know everything is going to be in that bag of yours. The bag can also serve as a great storage spot for coats and snow pants if the day gets too hot! Of course, there is a limit on just how large your boot bag should be. After all, if you get some massive boot bag that can hold two pairs of boots and three helmets, it is going to be quite awkward to have to move around and most likely will cause you a bit of suffering if you ever  find yourself trying to transport it on a plane. This being said, it is generally smart to get a boot bag that is around 20 inches tall and 13 inches wide. That way, you will still have plenty of packing space while not being over encumbered by a massive bag.


Aside from moving your ski boots and accessories around, the number one purpose of a boot bag is to provide your ski boots with proper protection. This being said, you can normally figure out if a boot bag is going to be protective enough by three key indicators. Indicator one is waterproofing. All ski boots, to some degree, contain metal, and this metal can be harmed and corroded by water. Water seeping in through the bag can also cause the insides of your boots to get musty, making them rather difficult to wear. Waterproofing also includes having some kind of venting system for melted snow and ice to seep out through so that your boots are not sitting in their own moisture! Indicator two is material. If the boot bag is not made of a high-quality material, preferably tough-woven polyester and rubber, it will have a high likelihood of ripping a hole and then hurting your boots. Most of the time, if a boot bag is waterproof, it is made with sufficient materials as well. The third and final indicator is some sort of thin cushioning. Though ski boots do not require much, it is always good for their bag to be cushioned to some degree in the event of jumbling around in the car or bumping around due to plane turbulence. Cushioning of course also is nice if you ever accidentally drop the bag.


It is essential that your ski boot bag be capable of being transported easily and comfortably. To check for this in a bag, look to see if it has any backpack-type shoulder straps that can be worn for carrying over slightly longer distances. These straps should be present in addition to a sort of main handle that is situated at or near the top of the bag. It is also preferable that all of these carrying apparatuses are cushioned and/or ergonomically fitted to some degree, as lugging around all that heavy equipment can be pretty hard on your shoulders and back. As this is so, it never hurts to look at the different angled pictures of the boot bag to see if you think its shape will fit well on your frame.

You also want a boot bag that can make good checked luggage if you plan on a fly-in ski trip.  This means it needs to be durable, and have an ability to tuck straps away so they don’t get busted in the baggage handling process.

Now that we know everything there is to know about figuring out which ski boot bags are the best, it is time to give you a few of our personal favorite boot bags that are the best. All of these bags are excellent tools for your upcoming skiing adventures.

3 Best Ski Boot Bags

Ski Boot Bag


Check Price


-Spacious (50 liters deep)
-Durable fabric
-Comfortable and ergonomic straps


-Extra access pockets
-Reasonable price tag
-Comes with a lifetime warranty


-Hideaway backpack straps
-Made of durable materials and vented layers

Unigear Ski Boot Bagunigear ski boot bag

Unigear’s ski boot bag represents a snug and commodious backpack-style approach to boot bags, and it is highly rated by all of its consumers for good reason. 50 liters deep and waterproof, this boot bag is sure to safely transport all of your gear over any distance you need. Fitted also with travel-oriented ergonomic straps, you’ll be happy you chose this bag when you are walking to the mountain.

This is a spacious bag.

We like that it is a compact bag that has ample space for additional gear, but still feels manageable when carrying around.  The fabric is durable, something that surprised us given how thin it seems.  Construction is good and we like the layout inside.  Shoulder straps were comfortable even with a heavy load inside the bag.

Find the Unigear Boot Bag here on Amazon.

Outdoor Master Boot Bag

The OutdoorMaster boot bag is a sleek and compact bag fit for any skier who likes to hit the slopes with speed and style. Featuring a smooth waterproof surface andboot bag outdoor master two extra quick-access pockets, this boot bag works with the skier to help them get as much out of their day as they can. OutdoorMaster’s bag is also made with an extremely complex design, ensuring easy packing for any road trip or vacation by plane. The cherry on top is that this bag even comes with a lifetime warranty!

You will notice that the price tag is pretty reasonable, which actually gave us a little pause at first.  We are always willing to pay for quality.  Still, we found this bag to hold up quite well.  It is a little smaller, and while the manufacturer doesn’t list an official capacity, we would estimate it to be about 45 liters.

Find the Outdoor Master boot bag here on Amazon.

Store Your Board Ski Boot Bag

StoreYourBoard’s newest boot bag is the epitome of spacious and durable. Designed with the toughest materials and vented layers, this bag will keep all of your equipment in pristine condition while at the same time ensuring that it won’t fall victim to mold or must while waiting to be used again. Anything you want to bring with you, this bag will let you, and it is a great all-around option for anybody needing a solid boot boot bag

StoreYourBoard makes bags of all types, so they are more of a bag company than a ski company.  The bag has a clever construction, and we particularly liked the hide-away backpack straps which allow for it to be checked as luggage without the fear of a strap snagging or breaking in the checked baggage neverland.

Like others, it has a waterproof liner to keep the boot compartments separated from the rest of your gear.

Find it here on Amazon.