Family Friendly Ski Resorts in the Alps

If you are planning to take your family on a classic ski vacation (or to talk locally, holiday) one of these winters, consider the Alps.  Sure, for those who might be coming from America, it is logistically more complicated, but perhaps not as much as you might think.  An Alps ski trip is the epitome of a classic ski experience.

When it comes to choosing and Alps ski resort, there is always a hurdle that needs to be discussed. In a family, not all of the members share the same level of enthusiasm and courage for skiing. As a result, you might be disappointed because your wife or a 17 year old teen cares more for safety than the excitement skiing offers. However, the Alps are blessed with ski resorts that cater to these issues. These resorts can grant you an unforgettable experience with tons of memories to treasure. Safety is not an issue as these resorts are set up for people with every type of ability. So pack up your bags, grab your ski equipment, and get ready to experience breathtaking scenery. Below are some of the best family-friendly ski resorts in the Alps.

Avoriaz, France. Boasting an astonishing capacity of 17,000 beds, Avoriaz is better than your average resort for multiple reasons. You don’t have to use cable cars to travel because you can enjoy the luxury of horse-drawn carriages at the resort. You don’t have to run after your kids as the resort is a very safe place and there are no high cliffs to worry about. And it is easily the best ski resort in the Alps. For the members of your family which don’t know how to ski, the Avoriaz resort has a ski school which has been in operation for more than 30 years. It offers kids as young as three years old to adults. This resort has some other extraordinary benefits. It provides a shelter to children when the weather is unsuitable to ski and there is also a leisure center where the kids can spend the day and includes meals. Ski lessons here are organized in such a way that the parents never have to worry about their children as they learn to ski.

Gstaad, Switzerland. This popular skiing destination is encircled by the Gstaad Mountains and a perfect place for families. This resort has a snow sports area which has a huge variety of runs so that it can cater to the entertainment of every family member. Gstaad has a larger number of training parks than similar resort which are well-equipped for people of every age. In these training parks, you will have everything you need, and you can practice your skills whatever your ability. This will build your confidence, and you can head out in the bigger tracks without any fear. However, if you have experienced kids, there are snow parks for them too, which will help them to improve their techniques and give them a taste of free styling. It doesn’t end their, either. If your kids are not interested in skiing, they can entertain themselves with sledding, ice-skating, and a husky dog sledding tour. With such a wide variety of family-friendly activities, this resort will ensure you create unforgettable memories.

Les Karellis, France. Most resorts don’t allow people as young as four years old to ski. However, at this resort, they do, making it an ideal family resort if you have very young children. The greatest benefit of this resort is that it is surrounded by seven picturesque villages. This resort is car-free and can save you money too, because the equipment provided for the children is entirely free. It also features special sleds for babies and toddlers for roaming around the resort. Teenagers can enjoy the skiing in the day, and there are special events for them at night, including a disco. There is a snow play area too, if you want to be together as a family, where there are activities for parents and children throughout the day. The staff takes the children to a special area after they are done with the skiing lessons so you can focus on yours.

Megeve, France. No doubt, the Megeve is one of the oldest and most beautiful ski resorts in France. Surprisingly, it has managed to retain the old world village character with its cobbled-stone streets. On the other hand, it has developed into a modern and very fashionable ski resort as well. There are different tracks for beginners and intermediates. From a family’s perspective, it is the best place for children because it has a McDonalds. Plus, the standards of childcare are simply quite amazing.

Lenzerheide, Switzerland. Its sunny valley and chills of winter make this resort another great holiday destination for families. We can assure you that after this holiday, skiing would be your children’s favorite activity. All praise the services they provide here. Your children will grow accustomed to the lifts and runs, and as a parent, you are going to enjoy the well-prepared ski tracks. In addition to this, the resort offers relaxing accommodation where you can enjoy their deliciously prepared food. Lenzerheide also offers childcare services when you want to have a moment alone with your partner.

Alps skiing, whether you choose France, Switzerland, Austria, or Italy, is a magical experience.  We would recommend giving it a try, and learning first-hand why skiing in the Alps is something that every family should try to do at least once.