Ski Carrier Straps

You probably saw them at the last ski village you were at:  People walking around with their skis neatly held together by comfortable carrier, while everyone else wrestled with their two 8-pound chunks of carbon graphite.

Ski carrier straps are easy to use and perfectly functional both for beginner and expert skiers who are looking to more efficiently carry their gear.  They are usually made of tough nylon, and will last for a long time.

Best of all, these ski carrier straps are cheap.  You aren’t going to spend much at all.  A good set can be had for $10 to $30 dollars a set, so compared to most ski and snowboard gear they are downright free.  If your ski experience routinely involves walking a block or more with your skis, even if it is just from a parking area to the chairlift, straps can be a simple and inexpensive way to make carrying your skis much more pleasant.

As a rule of thumb, the straps have to be simple and quick to use, comfortable to wear (straight or diagonally across the back), and able to be folded easily to a compact size that fits your pocket. Getting anything bulky will totally defeat the purpose of having them — if they take up much space, then you might as well just get a full-on ski bag.  They need to work well when you are using them, and be unnoticeable when you are not.

Adjustability is important, but most ski straps are going to be highly adjustable.  That means they can carry an adult ski, kids ski, or snowboard.  They should be highly interchangeable.

To make things easier, we picked some of the best straps on the market and analyzed their main features.

Sukoa Ski Carrier Straps (Top Choice)

sukoa ski carrier

Sukoa Ski Strap

Our recommended ski carrier strap is a basic, inexpensive, pocket-friendly strap that you can rely on. This Sukoa product is perfect for having in our skiing stash for those days when you need it. The shoulder sling with cushioned, strong velcro holder will protect your gear from any kind of damage. The adjustable strap is really easy to adjust and it can fit its length for flawless comfort, keeping you far away from back pain and strain.

Thanks to its long-lasting design, strong nylon, and trustworthy stitching, you won’t have to worry about costly replacements. Basically, Sukoa Ski Carrier Straps do exactly what they promise: keep all your skis and poles in one easy to handle package and prevent your arms from getting tired. If you’re annoyed by knots, you’ll love this model’s rotating, tangle-proof hooks. Also, these reliable hooks together with the plastic bindings will survive in very cold temperatures.

The Sukoa Ski Carrier Straps can be quickly folded into a small package and fitted in your bag or even in your pocket. This way, you don’t have to deal with clutter while you’re on the slopes.  Find Here on Amazon.


The McSling4Snow has a different design on the others on our list, and with a few uses we really grew to like its simplicity.  It only has one connect point, instead of two, making it simpler to attach to the skis, especially if you have your other arm full or have gloves on.  Then, we find it is best to loop the strap over your shoulder, and simply put your hand on the front of the skis creating a natural balance point.

The other thing that makes the McSling unique in this market is that it can easily carry two sets of skis, two snowboards, or skis and poles with a single carrier.  All you do is cinch the carrier strap around whatever you want to carry, pick it up, and you are on your way.  In our mind, that gives it an advantage over some of the other designs.  However, if you really want something that you can carry with one hand versus over the shoulder, consider the Bowtie or Unigear.

The strap that goes over your shoulder is about 2 inches wide, so there is plenty of strap to spread-out the pressure and displace the weight.  We think there is a real benefit from being able to haul multiple skis, and doing it while keeping both hands essentially free.  This is probably our top choice for skiers and snowboarders, given its unique design.  Find here.  

The Bowtie Ski and Pole Carrier / Sling

bowtie ski carrier

Bowtie ski carrier

The Bowtie is a great, affordable product which is small enough to keep it in your pocket, yet always available for an off-slope foray. It has an adjustable handle strap that is long enough for shoulder sling, diagonal black sling, and hand carry. The 2″ wide nylon webbing is reliable, easy to carry, and very comfortable. There are no parts to lose, nothing that can really go wrong with it, and it does a very good job at holding things snugly.

The Bowtie Ski and Pole Carrier / Sling helps you carry your skis and poles securely, conveniently, and comfortably. The original “Bowtie” overwrap design allows you to use it fastly and easily. Everything is kept comfy thanks to the tiny bit of elastic in the wrap strap.  We like that they also make a version specifically for wider skis — the “fat” version.

When you put it on, you can either do it while your skis are standing up or, as mentioned on the package, down on the ground. It also works without the poles; you can just put them aside and only use it for the skis. In order to remove it, you just need to loosen the strap, grab the skis’ tails and pull up until the strap becomes loose enough to be pulled off over the head.  Find here.  

Unigear Adjustable Ski and Pole Straps

unigear ski strap

Unigear ski strap

Unigear straps give you a little more length, something many skiers appreciate.   These strong and thick shoulder carrier sling straps feature cushioned velcro holder that will keep everything together. They’re made out of nylon and are very efficient at carrying your skis and poles as well as protecting them from damage and annoying scratches. Their 50” inches adjustable length is very versatile, thus the straps can fit equipment of multiple sizes.  These are a great choice if you need them mainly for kids skis, but they also work well for adults.

They’re lightweight (only 0.22 lb), so they prevent strain and back pain. With their 16.55″ wide and soft velcro strap, the Unigear Adjustable Ski and Pole Straps are also extremely comfortable and secure. The unique and long-lasting design allows you to use them during multiple seasons and avoid overspending on expensive replacements.

Boot carrying straps

When we’re talking about keeping our ski equipment securely in one place, we must also talk about ski boot carrying straps.  In many cases, boots are more of a hassle to transport than skis.  One option is to get a boot bag, but if you want to keep it simpler, consider boot straps.

We have a couple of recommendations here, but the main things to look for are reliability, comfort, and extended durability.

Sukoa Ski and Snowboard Boot Carrier Strap

Sukoa Boot Strap

Sukoa Boot Straps

These lightweight straps are extremely convenient, as their 41” shoulder sling design allows you to easily take your boots wherever you go. You can fold them and put them in your bag or pockets, so you can have fun on the slopes without worrying about any extra weight. The 1.5“wide sling won’t dig into your shoulders, thus you’ll enjoy extra comfort. The strong nylon and top-notch stitching make these straps very long-lasting and prevent you from spending a lot of money on replacements. Their sturdy design is great for keeping your boots in place, preventing them from falling into the snow. This way, you can be sure that you’ll always have dry, toasty boots.  Find here.

BootYo! By Mt Sun Gear Ski Boot and Snowboard Boot Carrier Straps

The BootYo! boot carrier straps have the ideal length (27”) to conveniently put your ski boots over the shoulder while using your hands to handle the rest of the gear. Their design prevents premature equipment wearing and allows your boots to perform at their best. They are lightweight, yet strong and durable; you can easily keep them in your pocket, or stuff them in your shoes until you’re leaving the slope.  Find here.


Even if they are small accessories, straps come extremely handy when you need to keep your equipment safely together. Choosing the right ones will give you comfort, peace of mind, and enhance your overall experience.  If you liked this and are looking to upgrade your ski gear, don’t miss our pieces on the best adult beginner skis, and our rating of the top ski goggles on the market.