Ski Helmet Covers for Kids

Ski helmet covers hit the scene almost as quickly as ski helmets themselves did. They provide fun, uniqueness, and a little quirkiness on the slopes.

Some people use them just to spice things up and look a little different.  Others use them for a more practical purpose: Children can be notoriously stubborn, so encouraging them to wear their ski helmets can be a challenge. For children just starting out on their ski journey, everything is new, and sometimes, they just do not like how a helmet feels on their heads. However, the idea of ski helmet covers has really taken off in recent years, making the helmet fun and unique for the child and therefore encouraging them to always wear that helmet.

Having a unique ski helmet cover on a kid is good for the parent too — the cover can help you spot your child in a crowd. With ski gear on it is often very difficult to tell who is who, but with a distinctive helmet cover, you will be able to quickly spot your little skier or snowboarder. However, knowing the value of a ski helmet cap is one thing. Finding the right one for your child is something else.

And in our minds, anything that helps a child want to get on the slopes is a good investment!

A kid’s ski helmet cover needs to offer several things to be effective. First, it needs to be fun, because its main job is to appeal to your child.

Second, it needs to be durable, to stand up to the wear and tear of the slopes or ski school.

Third, it needs to be distinctive enough to spot from a distance so you can easily keep an eye on your child.

Finally, it needs to fit the helmet well.  A poor-fitting ski helmet cover will come off at high speeds, or constantly be a source of frustration for whoever is wearing it.  The last thing you want is a helmet cover that alters the function if your child’s ski goggles, or is dangling off half the day because it is poor-fitting.

Luckily, there are some excellent brands that offer all of the above, and rather than talk about an individual helmet cover we think looking at ranges makes more sense. Each child wants to be unique, so picking out one cover will not help if it’s one your child doesn’t like. Instead, we will look at what brands are offering a range with the qualities we are looking for.

The last thing we want to do is write about football ski covers, only to find your child is a big basketball fan.

Best Ski Helmet Covers for 2022


crazeeheads kids ski helmet coverThe largest lineup is probably from a company called Crazeeheads (here on Amazon), who offers the stretch-on style covers that others do in several designs, but it is the plush animal collection that is unique to them. These helmet covers are lots of fun, tend to function well, and keep evolvling. Made from soft fur, they have whiskers, hair, ears etc., and come in a range of styles. From Pickles the Alligator to Kleo the Tiger to a Unicorn, they have personality and are lots of fun. Your children will love them. Well-made and very durable, they offer something that really stands out from the crowd, any child would love them.  Be sure you get a model that has “boys” or “girls” in the description, as the adult versions might be a little too big to securely stay on a child’s helmet.


We have been big fans of the ParaWild lineup for a few years now.  Parawild offers a bit of a twist on the traditional helmet cover. Instead of a whole-helmet cover, Parawild creates smaller attachments that complement the helmet in fun and innovative ways.  Our favorite is probably the frog eyes (here on Amazon), but they make everything from leopard ears to a shark fin to a mohawk.  Fun stuff and a little different than a full-on helmet cover.

ski helmet ears

Photo Credit: ParaWild

We were a little concerned at first about the attachment — it basically uses velcro to stay affixed to the helmet — but have found that the velcro is relatively strong both at higher speeds and also during the inevitable wipeout.  Parawild is a Canada-based company, and at last count they offered six distinct designs.  Find them here on Amazon.


best ski helmet cover Then there is, which provides beautifully made covers in a range of styles and colors. They are made for an easy fit over your child’s ski helmet, and uses SPF 50 resistant fabric for long life. Easy to clean and colorfast to stay looking good, these are a great helmet covers your child will love. The range on offer is huge, with 111 different ski-helmet covers. These include everything from superhero designs, Pokémon styles, cartoon characters, covers with ears, antlers and almost anything else you could think of. Whatever your child loves, you will find a cover that features it in this range.

Kids Ski Helmet Cover FAQS

How do I know the helmet covers will fit?

Most covers, including those listed above, have an adjustment feature on the back which can snug the cover to the helmet, or make it looser if needed. That way, you can get a good, tight fit on to your helmet. Many of them will even fit an adult helmet when adjusted to a larger size.

Do these helmet covers fit other helmets, besides ski helmets?

Yes, generally.  While these are made for ski helmets, they often fit scooter helmets, bike helmets, etc.  BUT SAFETY FIRST — don’t do anything that will compromise your child’s ability to correctly wear their helmet, or affect their field of vision.

Whichever helmet cover you choose for your child, it is important to fit them correctly, ensuring they do not interfere with goggles or vision. All of the brands we have discusses comply with safety standards and provide a cut out in the rear for goggles, ensuring your child is comfortable and safe at all times. Add some fun to your children’s helmets and they will always want to wear them. The fleece type covers are also insulators, providing some extra warmth on those particularly cold days out on the snow. Choosing a helmet cover can even make a great family activity when preparing for a trip, getting the kids involved early and excited to go skiing.