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Family Skier

Best Gifts for Skiers

Skiers are often gear junkies, because skiing is a sport that requires plenty of gear and equipment. That’s good news for those who want to buy a gift for them, because there is no shortage of options when it comes to skiers. That’s why in this review, we’ll be going over some of the best gifts for skiers, in our humble opinion.

We reviewed four gifts in four different categories, including:

  • Best when budget isn’t an issue
  • Best stocking stuffer
  • Best gift certificate
  • Best for kids

If you know the type of gift you’d like to buy, feel free to jump right to the product category. However, give each of the other gifts a look as we carefully researched and reviewed every one of them. We guarantee that whoever receives one of these gifts will love them!

Best Skier Gift When Budget Isn’t an Issue

If budget isn’t an issue for you, you’ll need to check out the Blizzard Bonafide Skis. They are some of the best all-around skis we have found. (find here on Amazon).

If you want to send someone a gift that’ll last them a lifetime, the Bonafide Skis from Tecnica is an amazing choice. Tecnica/Blizzard is an Italian company that has been making sport-specific footwear for years. The Bonafide skis are an excellent all-mountain ski, the type you would buy if you could only own one pair of skis. They made their first skis in 1945, so they know what they are doing.

Blizzard Sport, a division of the parent company, has also heavily invested in the sports industry. For years, they have been making all-purpose, one one-of-a-kind sets of skis for the sport and intermediate-to-advanced skier. Let’s talk about some features of the Blizzard Bonafide Skis:

  • Responsiveness. The Bonafide Skis has an all-mountain sidecut of 135/98/119 mm at 180 cm in length. It also has a rocker camber rocker profile which allows you to have full control of the skis. So, no matter the length of the turn, you can make sharp turns while easily holding the edge. The rider will feel the intense grip they have while going down the slopes.
  • Smooth riding. These luxury skis provide skiers with the smoothest ride possible. The Carbon+Ti binding interface improves the level of energy being transferred, so riders will have an unbelievably smooth riding experience. Whoever receives the skis needs to ride during perfect skiing conditions, it’ll blow their minds. However, they will still work exceptionally well in poorer skiing conditions.
  • Stability and durability. The Blizzard skis have a Carbon Flipcore construction which reduces vibration and chatter, all while keeping your tips up. There’s an integrated camber section which helps skiers maintain edge hold, and even increase stability on hardpack.
  • Power. The skis have a poplar-beech wood core, which means the wood was manufactured to maintain its power while riding. In addition, the double titanal laminates with another titanium sheet underneath the binding platform allow the skis to ride with even more power. The rider will feel themselves soaring through the mountains!

If you’re looking to buy a gift that’ll last someone a lifetime, you need to get the Blizzard Bonafide Skis. This is a gift they’ll remember forever. Find it here on Amazon.

Best Stocking Stuffer for Skiers

Every skier needs a great stocking stuffer, and that’s why you need to check out the Smartwool PhD Ski Socks. Find Here.

Every skier needs an innovative and athletic set of ski socks that’ll help make their riding experience great. That’s why we’re recommending the Smartwool PhD socks. They’re an incredibly affordable, yet unique pair of high-performing socks that wick away sweat and other moisture. Here are some of the key features of these Smartwool socks:

  • Moisture wicking. The Smartwool socks have been carefully designed to wick away sweat. This will help skiers from potential danger, and from feeling gross as a buildup of sweat around the feet can reduce circulation and leave a terrible odor.
  • Comfortability. The socks are made of mesh, nylon, and wool, combined with Smartwool’s “Indestructawool” technology, they’ll provide the ultimate comfort while on the slopes. These socks go over the calf, and they’re very light in weight. After a couple of minutes, a rider will even forget that they’re wearing socks!
  • Light cushioning. The Smartwool PhD socks has a 200-needle construction which provide low profile cushioning around the shin and sole, all while still being high in density. This specific type of construction will provide plenty of warmth and protection upon impact.

Although these are men’s socks, there are women’s socks too. You may even want to go with the Unisex version as it still incorporates the key features we listed above. Why not fill a stocking with another stocking!  Find here on Amazon

Best Gift Certificate for a Skier

Without a doubt, a gift certificate to REI is an amazing gift for any skier. Purchasing a gift certificate to REI is easy, and you can usually receive the card within just a few days. So, if you still have enough time, buy a gift certificate!  You can get one here, and it will show up at your house in a couple days.

If you don’t know about REI, let us explain why their skiing items are so great. First off, they have everything you could ever look for, everything from boots, helmets, goggles, poles, pants, bags, bindings, gloves, and jackets – all specifically designed for skiing! This makes it really easy to shop for skiing equipment. Plus, they are local to most major metro areas, giving people the chance to shop in-store.

Secondly, all of REI’s products are made with exceptional quality. They have and will never prioritize profits over customer satisfaction. Their entire store is based on outdoor activities. They truly understand the quality and type of products their customers are looking for. REI only carries successful brands such as Blizzard (the brand that we reviewed earlier), K2, DPS Skis, Atomic, and so on.

You can order an REI gift card for as little at $10. Giving a gift certificate to REI’s is a great choice because the recipient can choose specific features of the skiing equipment they’re looking for! Using skis as an example, the buyer can select the range of the ski length, the waist width, whether the ski has bindings, and the type of skiing terrain.  Find here.

Best Ski Gift for Kids

A fun and adorable gift for kids is the Animal Balaclava Face Masks. It’s always fun to dress up the little ones, and that’s why we recommend these face masks. You’re able to choose from three animals, including a cat, husky, and tiger. However, there are different styles for each animal. Besides the adorable looks, these balaclava face masks have other features:

  • Premium quality. The masks are made of quality polyester and lycra which make the masks completely wind and dust proof. They’re very durable, so you don’t have to worry about them tearing apart and ripping.
  • Comfortability. The blend of materials provides excellent breathability and quick-drying functionality. Every mask is very soft on the inside, so they won’t get uncomfortable while skiing. The last thing you want is to buy a gift that’ll get thrown away.
  • Permanent designs. The adorable designs of these face masks make them a great gift. Each mask has been digitally printed using heat transferring technology, so the printed designs will last forever. This also protects the mask from getting damaged over time, and it also prevents cracks and wrinkles from forming.
  • Multifunctionality. Although these face masks work great for skiing, you can still use them for other outdoor activity such as running, hiking, biking, snowboarding, and more. Overall, the balaclava masks will protect any kids’ face from poor environmental and weather conditions.

Find it here, on Amazon.

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